Peer-to-Peer Campaign
Peer-to-Peer Campaign: 2020 Rally the Valley

Money Raised: $62,740.00  Campaign Goal: $150,000.00


Rally the Valley
Saturday, September 12

Patients of the Calaway•Young Cancer Center at Valley View need your support more than ever.

The Rally the Valley event has historically raised $150,000 each year to provide programs and services for local cancer patients. These programs and services are ONLY available to our cancer patients because of the generosity of our community. For the safety of our community during the COVID-19 pandemic the 2020 Rally the Valley will be a VIRTUAL event this year. Start a team and Rally with whom you are self-isolating or small groups following social distancing recommendations. Walk, raft, run, bike...Rally how you like! Then on Saturday, September 12, tune in for a live stream event! More details coming soon.

In the meantime, we need YOUR help to raise funds to fund emergency assistance, overnight stays, integrated therapies and support groups for those on their cancer journey at Valley View.  

Thank you for your support! 

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Bridgid Dunlap

  Raised: $15.00
  Goal: N/A

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