Event Registration

Rally the Valley 2017
09/23/2017 08:30 AM - 01:30 PM MT


  • $30.00  -  Adult Ticket includes park and event entry, lunch, and commemorative event giveaway. 21 and over includes two tickets to the beer garden- must show valid I.D. to enter
  • $10.00  -  Child Under age 13- Ticket includes park and event entry, lunch, and commemorative event giveaway.


Sayre Park, Glenwood Springs
Waiver Statement:



1. Waiver I understand that participating in RALLY THE VALLEY is potentially hazardous to my health and could result in personal injury or death as well as injury to another person or property, and that I should not enter and participate unless I am medically able to do so and willing to accept the risk of serious injury that could result from such participation. RALLY THE VALLEY includes participating in some or all of the following events Peyton’s Parade, amusement activities in Sayre Park, a petting zoo and/or lunch. I understand that parade will take place on public streets and sidewalks and that the streets and sidewalks will remain open to the public and will contain normal road and sidewalk traffic. I understand that animals are not predictable and that I will participate in the petting zoo at my own risk. I understand that amusement rides can be dangerous and result in bodily injury or death. It is my responsibility to ensure my own safety while participating in the RALLY THE VALLEY event. I hereby warrant that I do not have any medical conditions that would hinder my safe and responsible participation in this event. In consideration of the acceptance of this entry and allowing me to participate in this event, I assume full and complete responsibility for any injury or accident which may occur while I am traveling to or from the event, during the event, or while I am on the premises of the event. I also am aware of and assume all risks associated with participation in this event, including but not limited to falls, contact with other participants, injuries resulting from riding the train, aggressive encounters with petting zoo animals, injuries resulting from using the bounce house and effect of weather, traffic, and conditions of road. I, for myself and my heirs and executors, hereby waive, release and forever discharge the event organizers, sponsors, promoters, Valley View Hospital Association, Valley View Hospital Foundation and each of their agents, representatives, successors and assigns, and all other persons associated with the event, for all liabilities, claims, or damages that I may have against them arising out of or in any way connected with my participation in the event. I understand that this waiver shall also act to waive any claims I might have or that might arise, whether caused by negligence, the action or inaction of any of the above parties, or otherwise related in any way to this event. I further agree that if I am consenting for a minor I agree to be responsible for that minor at all times during the Rally the Valley event.

2. Indemnification. I agree to indemnify and hold Valley View Hospital Association and Valley View Hospital Foundation and its officers, employees and agents and, the City of Glenwood Springs, harmless from any and all claims or demands, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, made by any third party due to, or arising out of, or related to, any participation in this event.

3. I agree to allow Valley View Hospital Foundation and their contractors, agencies and sponsors, the use of my name and likeness in connection with this event, for any purpose related to advertising or promotion of the event worldwide in perpetuity in all forms of media.

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